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Theben Digital Timers

Theben Digital Timing Controls can be used for any

application that requires daily, weekly or yearly on/off

switching.  Some examples would be indoor and outdoor

lighting,  generator jogging, hydroponics water time

control, opening and closing of electric parking lot gates,

school bells, assembly line employee work bells,

solar powered highway street lights, etc.

Name something that needs on/off switching and the

Lumenite® / Theben team will be there to help.  Theben

timers are designed for both commercial and residential


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All Listed Timers Are cULus And CE Approved.

TR-610-TOP2 Weekly Digital Timing Control
TR-611-TOP2 Weekly Digital Timing Control
SEL-170-TOP2 Astronomical Weekly Digital Timing Control
TR-641-TOP2 Astronomical Yearly Digital Timing Control